Toxic relationships

How to Know if You are in a Toxic Relationship?

Relationships are almost always complicated. In the psychological consultation, mental health professionals often see cases of couples who get along, to the point of reaching significant levels of stress and discomfort. Today we will talk about toxic partner relationships: those relationships in which at least one member of the relationship has totally inappropriate behaviors and attitudes, which can lead to a situation of psychological and emotional vulnerability for the other person.

On many occasions, people who are immersed in toxic love relationships are not able to realize that they are living situations of abuse. As love is blind, the people falling in love also tend to be blind and oversee the faults and bad habits of the person. 

So these can result in taking you for granted and let your partner feel that you have no existence without you. He/she takes advantage of it and tries to fool you in the name of love by possessing some evil thoughts and unhealthy gestures. 

Even though it is avoided, one should never do that as it creates a demon in the shadow of your partner. The love we feel towards that person can cloud our judgment and we can tend to forgive anything. By reading this it will help people who are in a relationship or marriage of these characteristics to improve their situation. 

Signs showing that you are in a toxic relationship:

•Your partner has bothering you to spend time with your friends or family. Control your personal expenses, take unnecessary control over your bank accounts, or ask for explanations for your bills.

•Research your social networks and your mobile phone. Constantly ask about your schedules and plan your life without asking your opinion.

•When your partner does you a favor, he demands that you immediately compete. It belittles you and makes you understand that without him/her you would not be anyone or you could move on.

•In family meetings or with friends, you avoid expressing your opinion about something for fear of being reprimanded or questioned again.  It is usual to use emotional blackmail with you: if you do not do what he/she wants, you get angry.

•Notes that each time you spend time with someone of the opposite sex, your partner becomes excessively upset and jealous, forcing you not to see that person anymore.

•Notes that you have sex with him/her even though you do not feel like it, just to please his wishes or to keep him from getting angry.

•Blackmail or demand that you perform sexual practices that you do not like. He compares you to other sexual partners from his past.

Thus, and even though family and friends may warn us that some of the things we are enduring are simply not welcome, we can still be blindfolded. We suggest anyone that’s in this type of situation a new brand servie a company is releasing for letting individuals communicate with each other without sharing contact information so both parties are able to say whatever they want to the another, they’re called chat line numbers it’s highly suggested to try them to start talking about your situation so they can share their opinion. In other couples, it is possible that there is no going back and that the relationship is doomed to failure. It is the obligation of each person to carefully analyze the situation to know if it is worth trying to fix things.